Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thanks for the receipt, but I won´t be returning my use of the sanitary facilities

Most of the ¨public¨toilets in Mexico are pay-toilets for 3 pesos. Your 3 pesos does not buy you a clean, comfortable seat, it does not guarantee the absence of unpleasant smells, it does not guarantee a functioning lock nor necessarily a door - it buys you 4-8 squares of toilet paper. At the majority of these facilities, you also get a receipt.
Which I think must have some legal function or something, like tracking use, but I still think it´s downright funny. The receipt above from my trip to La Marquesa, a park just outside of DF, was one of my favorites since it features a lovely picture of trees and a mountainside. I´ll have to tuck it in my scrapbook.

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