Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lost in translation?

Sometimes I get confused talking about movies with my Mexican friends. And sometimes I crack up cruising Blockbuster or scrolling through the cable movie channels. Translation is more an art than a science and in the case of movie titles, the Mexican names sometimes have little to do with their English counterparts - the general rule of thumb is to forgo the subtle for the obvious. Have a crack at these movie and TV program names (answers below, no peeking):

El Secreto en la Montaña
Los Cazanovias
Magnolias de Acero
Novia por Contrato
Enchulame la Máquina
Loco por Mary
Este Cuerpo no es Mío
Amor Ciego
Una Pareja Explosiva
Ligeramente Embarazada
Quedate a mi Lado
Tomates Verdes Fritos
Inocencia Interrumpida
Tómalo con Calma
La Dura Realidad
Un Equipo muy Especial
Tu Primera Vez
Tu Segunda Vez
Los Cazafantasmas
Thelma & Louise: Un final Inesperado - This one's pretty obvious. But honestly? An unexpected ending - could they give it away any more?

El Secreto en la Montaña - Brokeback Mountain...gosh what could be this secret??!!!
Mujercitas - Little Women

Los Cazanovias - The Wedding Crashers
Magnolias de Acero - Steel Magnolias
Novia por Contrato - Failure to Launch
Enchulame la Máquina - Pimp my Ride
Loco por Mary - There´s Something about Mary
Este Cuerpo no es Mío - The Hot Chick (AWFUL movie with Rob Schneider)
Amor Ciego - Shallow Hal
Una Pareja Explosiva - Rush Hour 3 (I guess Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are accurately described as an explosive pair)
Ligeramente Embarazada - Knocked Up
Quedate a mi Lado - Step Mom
Tomates Verdes Fritos - Fried Green Tomatoes
Inocencia Interrumpida - Girl Interrupted
Tómalo con Calma - Be Cool
La Dura Realidad - Reality Bites
Un Equipo muy Especial - A League of their Own (You thought it was the Ladybugs didn´t you? Or maybe Little Giants? The Mighty Ducks? All very special teams.)
Tu Primera Vez - American Pie
Tu Segunda Vez - American Pie 2
Los Cazafantasmas - Ghostbusters
Hey, ¿Dónde está mi auto? - Dude, where's my car?