Saturday, August 2, 2008

Would you like chipotle with your California roll?

Eating tacos is a unique cultural experience in Mexico. So is eating sushi.

Just as in the States, sushi is now ubiquitous in Mexico with the two major chains, Sushi Itto and Mr. Sushi, vying for space in every food court across the country. Every menu has the standards: miso soup, fried rice, yakisoba noodles, and, of course, nigiri rolls of eel, tuna, salmon... However, the highlight of the menu is the specialty rolls.
As the Sushi Itto corporate video puts it, "We incorporated new flavors based on suggestions from customers." And thus were born the Si se puede Roll, CuauhtemItto and Tlapan especial. Not to mention the chain's signature soy sauce which apparently has over 40 ingredients and tastes like soy sauce and orange juice. Did I mention that 80% of the menu includes cream cheese?
Other top additions include fruit (mango, fried banana and pineapple), chiles toreados, chipotle mixed with mayonnaise, and salsa Tampico (crab surimi, mayonnaise and green chile).
So how is it? Hmmmm...I'll put it this way, all my Mexican friends love it. I'm down with the chipotle and mango, but the fish is iffy quality and it's smothered in cream cheese. But you don't have to take my word for it because, that's right, Sushi Itto has expanded into the States, one of the only Mexican franchises ever to do so.
“Right now, Alberto and I are experimenting in the States,” commented the founder in this article. “For example, we notice people in the States don't like cream cheese.”

Sushi Itto San Diego

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Wow. Everything smothered in Cream Cheese. That's interesting to say the least.