Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gas costs how much??!! That's obscene!

I am only writing this post because I am safely in Mexico City, and since in the course of a year none of you have come to visit me, I don't even think wanting to kill me will get you guys down here. Why would you want to kill me, your dear friend?

The latest news out of the capital:



A couple notes on the whole gas thing in Mexico, which is the world's 10th largest producer of oil. There is only one kind of gas station in Mexico - Pemex, so that means wherever you go, gas costs exactly the same. There's none of that going to the gas station in the sketchy part of town because gas costs 3 cents less a gallon. It is state-owned, heavily subsidized and in the news as of late because heavy investment is needed to find new oil reserves. There are calls for privatization and of course, counter-marches in favor of keeping gas in the hands of the people led by everyone's favorite never-say-die frustrated presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AKA el Peje).

However, even Mexico's heavily subsidized gasoline is not immune to rises in the price of gas. With the 6 centavo hike, gas in Mexico now costs...ready yourself...

$2.77 a gallon.

Please don't kill me. And don't mind my maniacal cackling.


Don't look down said...

I was searching for lucha libre stuff and came across one of your posts. i just spent 2 weeks en el D.F. and loved it. your blog helps me relive my time there.

Klumpp-O said...

Sierra - like your blog. After 5 years of visiting every 6 months - I am moving to DF in 10 days.[21 september] I am a native houstonian but spent 3 years in Portland. Art director by day, painter when I can. Anyway, if your ever at the Cafe "Illy" on Av. Michoacan and Av. Mexico - look for the pelirrojo blabbing about whatever - its probably me and friends! Take care -T.